Monday, January 7, 2008

Where are my labels in that feed?

i added that feed subscription button to the blog and i just wanted to give it a try, i subscribed the blog in* my Google Reader and all the posts came into view, well, great, but where are my labels? the aggregator enables you to tag items in your feeds, but what about the author labels? i just want my labels to be there after each post like what i see inside the blog,

i tried to figure out how to customize my feed but i was only able to control basic options like whether to syndicate the full post or only the first paragraph or add a footer, it was clear i had no control over the feed content, i even tried adding template code that generates the labels for me but i found that you can only add HTML code in that footer!

i want the aggregator to be able to use the labels i add, within his feed viewer the same way he does when he's on the blog, in a meek trial to go along with the idea, i used firebug to add some label to the viewed item inside my Google Reader, i used same url of the subscribed* feeds, and the reader opened the feed telling me i'm not subscribed,

well, it worked partially, as the page was reloaded not like what i expected, i.e the nice 'loading' on top of the page while everything is still in place, since i used the same url maybe it has to do with the link location or dom hierarchy or whatever, the solution was going to be aggregator specific, maybe special tags can be added to the feed so the aggregator can detect those links and be aware they are parts of the original feed, and maybe we can find people linking to other feeds from their own feeds too!!

i think it's gonna be useful if you can go through your labeled feeds just like the original blog, but at least i should be able to customize my feed content...

*if you don't know already, it's the aggregator that pulls the feed not the feed pushing itself, it's the desired illusion of the service.

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