Wednesday, January 9, 2008

well, maybe FeedFlare is not the answer

after reading the FeedFlare Developer Guide as planned, all i can say is this thing is cool but isn't as powerful as i expected, the DTD restricts the abilities to showing a single text or link based on the data you can access within ur feed, the feed that i have no control over so far,

i took a look on what the community thinks about FeedFlare and i found that some people are not happier than i am, another blogger too said "FeedFlare? No Thank You." one year ago, released on December 13, 2005, part II on January 25, 2006, i'm quite disappointed, after studying the subject, i won't be able to get what i wanted, the language they used gave me a much better image,

only because i want to go through with it, i'm going to try the flare i created, just for the fun of it, it displays a link to the first label's feed, that's the best i could get so far, check the results on the blog feed,


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