Thursday, January 10, 2008

FastrerFox, i just wanted a stop-watch!!

on of my friends told me the blog takes too long to load, i decided to work on it a little, i started by removing any embedded multimedia that referenced other domains and replaced them by links, i felt it's pretty faster now, i didn't have FasterFox till then as i didn't really need it, at home at least, so i got it and checked the counter, well, not bad, end of the story,

then, i just decided to search for "FasterFox" on, i don't know where i got this bad habit :), but again, it showed some value, i found people saying stuff like phishing and security concerns, i found that article on planet.websecurity for example when i started to get interested, maybe u'll be too if u check wikipedia for FasterFox,

i ended up setting FasterFox to the default mode, where i doesn't change FireFox's default values, after all, i just wanted a stop-watch for the pageload...

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