Saturday, January 12, 2008

Early in the morning, preparing for the exams...

well it's been some time since i last wake up that early and i have to say it's very quite and clear now, very beautiful indeed, i open the window and the morning sun covered the room in marvelous colors i didn't see before in my cozy room,

this couldn't have been complete for me without a touch of sadness from Anouar Brahem music, and now it's become so captivating i feel i'm lost in all that beauty,

approaching the end of the semester, the first exam's just tomorrow, starting with Operating Systems, i've much to revise, we covered a very reasonable amount in the course, maybe a little more practice and it'd have been nearly perfect,

this semester has been so full, and i'm quite satisfied with the things i did and the experiences i gained, maybe i'll have to tell you about that, but let's keep it for later...

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