Tuesday, December 11, 2007

classical music for free

i was so happy to learn about free music websites where you can listen to and download very fine pieces of music. i have always been a fan of classical music as i used to listen to the "Musical Program" on the FM few years ago. among the different flavors of classical music i'd like to mention baroque guitar, very deep and expressive.

i want to thank the people who worked for bringing us these fine pieces of art for free.

musicbakery and musopen are the websites i visited so far.

two different trends i think, musicbakery offer samples and you pay for the whole piece while musopen is all about free music that's available to everybody everywhere. musopen also provides good info about the pieces and the composers, this adds some glamor to the musical experience.

i recommend "Festive Classical" and "Baroque Guitar" on musicbakery, currently i'm exploring musopen, i found some piano concerts for Rachmaninoff and Beethoven which i think will be just great.

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