Friday, December 28, 2007

On Search Engines

it all started as a lame chat with one of my friends about hard disk caches, i first read about that months ago and i just told him that these caches are flash non-volatile memories, then i wanted to make sure what i said was right, so i had to search the web, Google led me here, and i copied him the couple of paragraphs that showed my evidence and everyone was happy,

then, i asked myself what would happen if i asked Google to fined those paragraphs for me again, this led me to another question: how much can i put into the Google search box, using my firebug i inspected the box element and i found a maxlength of 2048 which was more than pleasing to me, i proceeded with my test and was happy with the single match result that only contained the source page, no one can ask for more...

then i wanted to know what would happen if i repeated my little experiment with other search engines too, so, i did the same with Yahoo (no maxlength declared) , and the source page came on top of a list of seven matches, not bad at all, then i turned to msn (maxlength of 250) and it just didn't like my search key and returned: "We did not find any results for: ..."

i don't know why this happened and i was curious to know how each search engine worked as i already knew about Page Rank and the Google stuff, so back to Google, i typed "how yah.." and the suggest came with "how yahoo works" which was exactly what i wanted, i ended with that interesting article, by Danny Sullivan, i hope i have the time to read it soon,

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