Monday, November 26, 2007

Ext: A New JavaScript Experience

i had the chance to explore Ext during the first week of my work in EasyDialog, i was really fascinated by the widgets that looked just great, and i liked the API docs too, it's so much like the Java Docs we are used to, very tidy and accessible.

i think it's a great job, my previous experiences with JavaScript never came near this level of organization and speed, yes, things just get done quickly and the results are pleasing too, it's a new experience for the developer, and for the user too, people just love the desktop-like components that act just as they're used to,

i like that it's a new toolkit, with Ext v1.1 released on August and v2.0 just at the end of October, it's a new vision too and it's attracting many enthusiastic people, you have to see it for urself, click here.

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